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Quality service provider in the Machining, Food, Industrial and Energy sector.

Frontec Metal Fab is an industrial service company based in Brampton Ontario Canada. Here is some of the services we provide:

Structure & Miscellaneous

With over 25 years of industrial and commercial expertise.

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Fabrication and Welding

All employees are certified and meet industry standard.

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Wrought Iron Fabrication

Provide unmatchable services and optimum craftsmanship.

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Welcome to Frontec Metal Fab

Where Steel Meets Innovation

Frontec Metal Fab fully dedicates itself to our clients. Through cost-effective solution, unsurpassed professionalism and our dedication to upholding health safety and environmental requirements, we will provide the resources necessary to exceed our client’s expectations.

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Dedicated Industrial Company

Quality Products & Safe Services

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Industrial Expertise

The Frontec Metal Fab Team has over 25 years of experience in the Industrial Service Industry. Completing small and large contracts has enabled our team to become well versed in every aspect of maintaining any size industrial facility at a competitive price.

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Frontec Metal Fab we are striving to be a leader company in servicing the Machining, Food, Industrial and Energy sectors by continuously exceeding client expectations with competitive prices and quality craftmenships.

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Frontec Metal Fab understands the needs of a top class industrial company. With that being said, we offer only the top class product and services for the industry.

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Offering 24/7 servicing and being well equipped for any task.

We accomodate our clients in various situations when downtime is unacceptable.
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Committed to safety

Certified to the latest industry standards

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Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)

All of our welders are accreditted with certification from the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). We are here to offer you a professional experience, keeping your project on time an on budget. Scan our QR Code for our CWB certification.

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industrial services

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB)

Frontec Metal Fab and our employees are all insured by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (WSIB). We care about the safety of our staff and our customers. Clearance certificates are offered on-site and on-request.

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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Frontec Metal Fab staff are all trained and tested in accordance with Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) guidelines to complete projects safetly and successfully.

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